Hello world!

In Hello on January 25, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Three cheers for automatically generated text that references the traditional first programme learned in a new computer language! Unfortunately, I’m not learning a new computer language (for anyone who wants to know Spectrum Basic was my first…), just learning a – so far – fairly intuitive tool for blogging. So, congratulations to those who wrote the programme that changed ‘sign-up for Wordpess’ into my very first post:  ‘Hello world!’.

This blog does have a purpose. First and foremost it is for me to learn how to use WordPress. I’m going to be using it elsewhere to populate an excellent website on Roman Religion with other people’s material. I’m so glad that my editorial experience and appropriate subject background meant that not being familiar with WordPress didn’t matter! But just pottering round here seemed a bit, well, useless, really. So I thought I’d better upload some content. Secondary, but, for me, necessary. 

I thought that I’d create some useful pages based on some of the things I’ve learned about HE teaching and presentation, so expect to find posts about image copyright, academic poster production, small group teaching and such like. The choice of content is mainly because I didn’t manage to publish all the research I did while working for the Higher Education Academy’s History Classics and Archaeology (HCA) Subject Centre on their website – a website which, for Classics, still has my structure and a lot of my text.

I’m aiming to improve the way I write for the web in an academic context, but anyone who takes a look at my ‘body of work’ online will soon realise I’m a bit formal – if not pompous! – in typescript. I’m more fun in person, trust me – I AM a Doctor!